Christmas: The Ultimate Proof Buhari Regime Is Dominated By Radical Islam [MUST READ]

The end of year message from the spokesperson of Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari,Garba Shehu, on behalf of his principal, is the ultimate proof that we are being ruled by fundamentalist Islamist Jihadists, with all its implications of forcefully imposing Islam.

Preaching Islam is a more acceptable, modern way of spreading progressive Islam, than the ancient violence of Jihad. Go to Dubai and Malaysia and see progressive Islam in action. But it seems our local Mahdi, the latest would be Messiah, prefers the ancient order of divide and conquer.
Garba wrote: “As the year 2016 comes to a dead end, I wish you a festive season and a Happier year ahead.” ‘Dead end’ is very descriptive of where President Buhari has led us – the end of nowhere, a blockage, economic collapse, but also shows that Garba really does not understand phrases in English. However, that is not as terrifying as their refusal to say Merry Christmas.
It seems a peaceful message, but not saying “Merry Christmas” and only wishing us an end of year happy festive season, has deep implications.
I have received Merry Christmas from many ordinary Muslims, but it is impossible for a radical Islamist to say Merry Christmas.
There are other serious signals. Last year and this year Christmas, not a single federal government sponsored Christmas decoration was anywhere. Abuja streets have remained completely dry of any of the usual festive decorations we had under Obasanjo, Yar’Adua, and Jonathan. Yar’Adua was, of course, the kind of open-minded, ordinary Muslim that loved democracy and the rule of law, and whom we were all happy to rule over us.
Another serious signal is the attempt to remove the Aso Rock Chapel. That single act speaks volumes about the betrayal of secularism in our nation, yet the Christians in his government, including the Vice President do not consider it sufficient to resign.
Just these signals are sufficient to explain many other serious crimes that are taking place, because Islamist Jihadists are ruling over us: the slaughter of the Shiites; the repeated massacres of Southern Kaduna, the Middle Belt and South Eastern States; the growth of the Fulani Militia, misnamed Fulani Herdsmen, and their rise to becoming the fourth deadliest terrorist group in the world, as identified by the World Terrorism Index and reported by the UK Independent Newspaper.
With just these symbols and activities, it is most amazing that any Christians or non-muslims still support this government that is systematically turning Nigeria, from a sectarian State into an extremist Islamist hell hole.
Yar’Adua, an ordinary Muslim with loads of humanity, common sense and wisdom, uses smiles, respect, understanding, and a warm handshake to dissolve the anger in the Niger Delta. Buhari seems to deliberately use provocation, to stimulate anger that leads to the resistance of the Niger Delta Avengers, then he uses that as an excuse to launch Operation Crocodile Smile.
The same happens in the South East. The wrongful and deliberate arrest of Nnamdi Kanu seems a deliberate provocation that leads to massive demonstrations. Buhari deliberately uses the Nigerian Army to kill them, deliberately lies that they are armed and uses that as a pretext to deliberately declare Operation Python Dance in a South East that is, otherwise, peaceful.
They are deliberately destroying our markets, deliberately destroying our economy, using foreign exchange as a weapon. Just recently, I went to the computer shop of an Igbo trader which used to be well stocked, and it was ragged and almost bare and all the prices sky high. I sat down heavily and almost wept.
We go home for Christmas, they deliberately block the Onitsha head bridge and deliberately seize our rice. They deliberately mount road blocks on all roads to the East, and in our territory, when no other territory have road blocks. They deliberately fleece us of money.
I am now persuaded, that all these deliberate provocations, are all designed to lead to a reaction that would allow the application of the final solution. We are being forced into a trap. If we react and fight back they can declare war, and carry out their Jihad. If we don’t fight back and resist the provocation and continue to use non-violent resistance, they will continue to tighten the noose, to oppress, to suppress and according to the Quranic injunction, to subjugate us so that we feel ourselves subjugated.
If you wish to understand what will happen next in Nigeria, study the recent history of the Sudan. Their President Omar Al Bashir is another Arab stooge that is supposed to be a plank in the Islamic Conquest of Africa. At first, like Buhari, he pretended to be a friend of America whilst unleashing the Janjaweed Militia to carry out genocide in Darfur and South Sudan. They massacred and slaughtered. Buhari is a close friend of this tyrant and is following his patterns closely.
Today, Omar Bashir is wanted in the International Criminal Court for his genocidal crimes in Sudan. Southern Sudan has broken away and they have succeeded in stimulating war in Southern Sudan. But that too shall end and they shall utterly fail. But it will not stop Islamists. They will continue to sow hate and violence in non-Islamic territories in the futile belief Allah has so instructed. But we are in a modern world, not the ancient world of violence and conquests. It is a pity that their erroneous beliefs will continue to take thousands of innocent lives until they are utterly defeated.
Like Fascism Nazism and Totalitarian Communism, Radical Islamism is a world domination political ideology that the world must focus on and utterly defeat, or it will continue destroying lives. It has entered our nation and has seized our government in an erroneous belief that Nigeria and Niger Delta Oil will be used as a platform to conquer Africa.
That is why Buhari is now using our money to finance elections in America for Clinton and other West African countries. That is why they are in do-or-die elections in Rivers and other Southern States. Their objective is to ensure only Muslim leaders and those brainwashed to their course are in power everywhere. They have no interest in democracy, human rights or the economy. In fact, economic depression is part of their arsenal of war.
They have just succeeded in installing the Ghanian president with our money. With that control they can dictate the new leaders of Ghana and begin the economic crippling of Ghana so they can dominate, just as they are doing in Nigeria. Yes, the recession is deliberate. It is economic Jihad. It comes after successful political Jihad, the control of political leadership, and precedes violent Jihad. Blockades and war. Remember Biafra? Darfur? Southern Sudan?
They continue to look for trouble whilst we continue to look for peace, but we are not weak and when the time comes, and they have driven us beyond what we can take, we shall rise like the Christians of Central African Republic that drove the Seleka Muslim terrorists out of their land. At first, they always seem to win because people are too shocked to believe that fellow human beings can be so depraved, but once the shock is overcome, the response and fight back begins to follow.
Thank God for Brexit, the first realisation in Europe that Radical Islamism had reached the gates of Vienna. Thank God for the election of Trump that stripped the blind fold that Obama had used to cover the eyes of the Democrats. It is so bad that they now believe that gay-killing and misogynistic Islamists are in the same category as the victims they kill.
What has happened to the idealists of the left in Europe and America, is the insidious power of Islamist propaganda that confused Nigerians to believe that a semi-literate, military-dictator, Jihadist is the Messiah they seek.
Thank God for Nnamdi Kanu, a prophet that warned us all of the coming evil. Let us pray that they are not crazy enough to launch their impending Jihad early, in a bid to beat the inauguration of Trump. Watch out for such signs. I fear the Fulani Militia, Operation Crocodile Smile and Operation Python Dance are all part of this process. There are hardly any other tangible reasons to explain them away.
Once Trump is elected, the alignment of Trump, Putin and Netayanhu will begin to erase the global putrescence left behind by US President Obama, and launch a global fight back that will remove the Clintons, the Obamas, the Omar Bashirs and the Buharis, from playing statesmen and placing them where they should be – at the International Criminal Court for the genocides committed under their watch.
It is so amazing that a simple thing as having a government that can say Merry Christmas, can make Nigeria, America and the whole world great again – and a much safer place.
Merry Christmas to you all.
Agha Egwu is a political analyst. 
The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.
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