Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah At 46 | My Life And Indeed Everything About Me Is My Greatest Testimony Of God’s Faithfulness To Human Race


As I clock 46 years today!

‎At 46, my life and indeed everything about me is my greatest testimony of God’s infinite faithfulness to the human race.

I trust absolutely in God Almighty. I have always placed Him first in all my dealings as depicted in my name “Ebube Chukwu Uzo”. I have an unshakable belief in my destiny and in the unseen hands of a higher being which directs the affairs of man.

In the midst of all that currently defines the world we live in, God has been faithful, extremely faithful. His blessings in my life are too many to mention, such that they cannot be enumerated.

As I clock 46, I rededicate myself to these ideals as the surest way to give back to a world that has given so much to me.

My life, my family, my modest achievements even in the toughest of times and just everything ‎I represent are strong confirmations that “nothing is impossible for God to do.”

Over a decade ago, I started a journey to emancipate humanity from the strong forces of underdevelopment and poverty via youth empowerment, social security and community empower.

Having actively pursued distinguished service to the humanity, there’s ‎no stronger sense of fulfillment than knowing that my entire existence till this moment has been based on the philosophy of living and letting others live.

There’s no greater sense of ‎purpose than a deliberate attempt to create real wealth by empowering young people to perform exploits and develop communities.

There’s no deeper feeling of satisfaction than putting genuine smiles on the faces of people on account of how well their lives have been impacted.

At this juncture, I wish to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who has made the past 45 years of my life on earth worthwhile.

Firstly, special thanks must go to my special gifts from God; my lovely wife and beautiful children who have been my pillar of strength throughout my journey here on earth. Your invaluable presence in my life has given me wings to soar as high as I can dream. Together, we will soar as high as the Lord permits.

To my employees across all sectors that I am actively involved in which includes Oil and Gas, Media, Sports, Construction, Agriculture to mention a few; I cannot thank you all enough for your unwavering support and belief in me. Even through our ordeal in the eye of the storm, you all rally around me, giving me the needed assurance that we are in this race together and can conquer as one. My belief in the depth of God’s love for me and his immense blessings upon my life stems from you all. Thank you.

To ndi Anambra, umu nwannem, this piece would not be complete without expressing the depth of my gratitude to you for all the love and support you ceaselessly showered on me. How can I forget my humble beginnings? How can I forget how my beloved brothers and sisters contributed immensely in shaping the man “Ifeanyi Ubah” and all he has achieved today? From the bottom of my heart, I say daalu umu nnwannem.  Let us endeavour to keep our leaders in our prayers as we continue in our quest for greatness.

To my friends and well wishers, I wish to also say thank you for being there. Your prayers and words of support have gotten me this far and I would not trade you all for anything the world has to offer.

My fellow compatriots, our strength lies in our togetherness. Let us keep praying for Nigeria and her leaders. Let us keep believing in our country and strive to ensure that we make the best out of our nation. We have no other country to call our own. We must make Nigeria great for ourselves and for the generations yet unborn.

To our leaders, may I use this medium to remind you all that the position which you find yourselves in today is God given and has a mandate attached to it. I implore you all to do all you can to better the lives of those who voted you into power. The welfare of the masses is paramount and the betterment of their living standards should be the driving factor behind every action of every leader.

Each chapter of my life’s book would be incomplete without you all and it gladens my heart to know that yours would also be bereft of completeness without me! Thank you for affording me the opportunity of being a part of your life’s story.

This day, all I ask of my creator is that I be granted more wisdom, more means, strength, a sound mind and wider reach to touch more lives and live better, stronger and longer for men and women of goodwill who desire a better system of social justice.

I feel highly blessed and honoured.

God bless you all.

Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah,
CEO Capital Oil & Gas.

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