2019: APDA And The Alternative Nigerians Seek [MUST READ]


Nigeria in its social and political evolution right from its colonial heritage to the present has witnessed several paradigm shifts  in its governance structures.
These manoeuvres  which were largely fueled by  ethnic based politiking and military incursions in the geo polity,  introduced  nepotism, favouritism and corruption which has become the biggest challenge to the coprate existence and image of our country.
 It is important to state that while subsisting administrations has made attempts at eliminating or at least  curbing the listed trio challenges of nepotism,favouritism and corruption in Nigeria.
These attempts including the efforts of the the present administration albeit well meaning has failed and is failing because no administers has developed a holistic framework that would not only eliminate the suspicions created by the countrys colonial administrative and governance structures but build sustainable and inclusive development programmes that would fire up the zeal for nationalism in every Nigerian citizen.
The foregoing formed the basis of the formation of the Advanced people’s democratic alliance  (APDA) and fuels it ideology of social democracy.
There is no gainsaying that our country in the midst of the technical exit of a self inflicted recession is in the most urgent need for social harmonisation and economic reengineering if we are to emancipate our emasculated citizens from the present and perennial socio political quagmire which is clearly pushing the nation to the brink.
The Advanced people’s democratic alliance  (APDA )make this historic clarion call to all citizens of Nigeria to step forward and adopt it social democracy ideology as it is clearly the only way out of the present situation in our country.
The Advanced people’s democratic alliance  (APDA)  is presently the only political party that has constitutionally allocated 30%,25% and 5% of it appiontive and elective positions to women,youth and person’s living with disabilities respectively.
The Advanced people’s democratic alliance  (APDA) is the only political party that has introduced the electoral college system for the election of its national chairman and presidential candidate
The Advanced people’s democratic alliance  (APDA) is the only political party that has introduced the use of biometric systems for both the registration of its members and the election of the is candidates for elective public office positions.
What this posits is that for the first time in the history of politicking in Nigeria a political party has constitutionally eliminated imposition and impunity which are the twin agents of corruption and political rascality in Nigeria.
We believe that it is only through the election of  credible and honourable men and women of integrity that we can tackle corruption and eliminate nepotism from all land.
We equally implore all Nigerians especially the youth to step forward and be counted in the APDA.  We call upon all the citizens of this great nation to get your voters card’s and support the APDA to recover and return our country from its perilous situation to the path of sustainable development and growth
APDA invites all well meaning politicians and political actors from existing political parties who feel the genuine need for real change to come forward and join us in our commitment to rescue our country from merchants masquerading as politicians and  place  her  in the care of God fearing men and women of character and valour.
God bless Nigeria.
APDA……..Stronger Together…..
Tosin Adeyanju is APDA National Publicity Secretary
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