Ishakool Hotels Abuja, Home Of Hospitality At It’s Best


As a fashion designer and blogger, it is very difficult to leave my workspace, most times the best I can do is to take a stroll around my environment. This is not to say that the life of a blogger is a boring one NAH! but all I am saying is that my work is my passion and life.

On Sunday while resting my back on my orthopedic mattress with my eyes scanning through different angles of my room and my ear picking every word from the lyrics of Mercy Chinwo’s song “Excess Love”, my phone rang and it was a call from a blogger friend. In her usual lively voice and tone, Flashy will you be free in the evening? Jenny asked after a brief exchange of pleasantries, oh yes I responded.

Ishakool Hotels has securities dedicated to the car park, so i confidently parked my car, stepped out and walked into the hotel. The warm welcome at the reception was mind blowing. 

Straight up to the Penthouse where a hair extravaganza was going on with my other blogger friends who were already at the hotel after which a tour ensued.

The cozy rooms, the calm corridors decorated with beautiful artworks, the exquisite bar, the well-equipped laundry house, were a delight, beauty and an affirmative description of simplicity and class in Garki 2, Abuja.

Our tour at Ishakool Hotels ended in the restaurant, the sumptuous meals were surprisingly cheap and pocket friendly. I overcame the tempation of having a taste of all the dishes and devoured a delicious plate of fried rice with chicken and salad.  

The evening hangout with Jenny, Calabar Boy Foodie (Eno), Dennis and Dekka (all bloggers and media influencers) was awesome and gave me the fresh air i dare needed, thanks to the amazing professional staff of Ishakool Hotels, you guys are going to be seeing more of me as i look forward to spending a proper night there.

If you are looking for a cool hotel in a serene environment with Free Wifi, excellent security, Penthouse for your events, and all that I have described above then Ishakool Hotels a ‘home of hospitality at it’s best’ is the place.

Princewill Felix is an astute blogger, a fashion designer and a digital media professional, he writes from Abuja.

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